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    About ACFI

    ACFI ChurchAfrican Christians Fellowship International (ACFI) is an  indigenous, evangelical  church and church planting ministry that was founded in 1986.  During the 1990's when civil war raged in Liberia, orphaned and abandoned children were brought to this fellowship and out of this grew orphanages that have recently transitioned into boarding schools. 

    ACFI's goal is to raise a generation whose trust is in the Lord; a generation that attaches meaning to life; a generation that fears God and lives according to the teaching of the Bible; a generation whose desire is to lead a productive and responsible life.  ACFI believes that the quality of the future of Liberia largely depends on the discipline and moral upbringing of the children that represent the future.

    Daniel Hoover HomeIn 2002, the Daniel Hoover Children's Village was built on 6.5 acres outside of Monrovia in a city named Dixville.  Today the facility serves as a boarding school where approximately 200 children reside.  

    ACFI provides a similar type of boarding school to nearly 60 hearing impaired children at the Mission for Deaf Children.

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